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How to make all potions in minecraft

The base potions are Awkward Potion, Thick Potion, Mundane Potion, and Potion of Weakness. .
Now this is where it gets weird.
1.13 18w07a Potion of the maken Turtle Master added.
make 1.9 15w31a Glowstone and redstone can no longer gratis be added to already extended or enhanced minecraft potions.Ghast Tear : Comes from Ghasts.Undead mobs take damage from potions of Healing, gain health from potions of Harming, and are unaffected by potions of Poison and Regeneration.Potion of Night Vision fotocollage ( 3:00) Potion of Night Vision ( 8:00) maker Night Vision : Makes everything appear to be at the maximum light level, including underwater areas.Brewing Potions, prepare Water gratis Bottles.Glistering Melon will tegoedbon give you potions a Potion of Health; use.I think then everything is clear.Make some glass bottles: Fill three bottles with water by right-clicking on your well (the water bottles do not stack; they will appear elsewhere in your inventory, so potions make sure you have some free gratis slots first.

When you gouden right-click on your maken Brewing Stand, the brewing interface will open.
Corrupting an enhanced or extended potion into an effect which supports the modifier results in a potion with the same modifier applied.
Potions of laten Slowness can no longer be made using gouden a potion of laten Fire Resistance.
Mundane Base Potion Recipes: Potion of weakness (4:00) gouden Mundane Potion Fermented Spider Eye.
You can find Blazes hanging out gouden anywhere in a Nether Fortress, but sometimes you will find rooms with a Blaze Spawner: its dangerous to get too close to these.Potion of Harming II (0:45) Potion of Poison II Fermented Spider Eye.They are bottles of magical stuff that maken have an effect on your player character such as speed, health, or power maken for a given time of effect.15w33a Added lingering potions.Cauldrons only hold water and granol potions at maken the moment, so gouden you may find them useless.Nausea, Blindness, and Invisibility).Potions of Harming can no longer be made using a potion of Water granol Breathing.Once you have your base potion, you will need to add a further ingredient to get an effect (with the exception of the Weakness Base).This makes you resistant to fire and lava damage.Go to the Nether, youll need to build gouden a, nether Portal to get to the Nether.

Then put the fiery powder and wait.
Potions are, so minecraft far, the most complete update and as such the most game-changing as of yet.