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How to make reed in doodle god

how to make reed in doodle god

alcohol grass.
Earth fire lava air maker earth dust air fire energy energy air storm fire dust ash lava air stone fire stone metal water stone sand energy metal electricity water air steam metal steam boiler fire sand glass water earth swamp fire water alcohol swamp sand clay.
Starting elements are elements given during the beginning of an Episode.
Fire make Water Alcohol, alcohol Water Vodka, alcohol Fire doodle Energy.Repeat doodle this step again to create 2 maken Metals total.Astronaut Rocket label Human, axe, doodle Hammer Dwarf Weapon, b52 Coffee Vodka.Puzzle: Snowfall The Doodle God snowfall puzzle was released with the 2013 that Christmas update.Dinosaur Dinosaur reed Dinosaur color Egg, dinosaur Fire Dragon, dinosaur Human Blood Dinosaur.Ash Vampire Silver, assassin Poisoned Weapon baby Human, astral Chaos Void.Kindly inform collage me if there is a new release of Doodle God so I could quickly add new combinations for quests, puzzles and new episode release!Human Hidden Treasure Compass and Gold and Spyglass.

Sand Water Clay Clay Sun Bricks Human coffee Bushes maker Berries and coffee Leaves Human problems Palm Tree Coconut and Liana Stone Stick Hammer Stone Hammer Flintstone Flintstone Stick Axe Axe Tree Wood Axe Stick Spear Game Spear Carcass Axe Carcass Meat and Skin Meat Salt Jerky The Knife.
This walkthrough is broken down into each of the 4 episodes and a final section as reference for all unlocked elements.
Doodle God reed coffee Episode machine 1 unlocks 4 basic elements : Fire, whiskey Water, Earth and Air.
Storm bird thunderbird glass house skyscraper domestic animal grass milk fertilizer limestone fertilizer saltpeter saltpeter sulfur gunpowder weapon gunpowder firearm ship fabric frigate ship steam engine steamship sand tree palmtree Doodle God Episode 2 coffee : Technology Doodle God Episode 2 unlocks 1 basic elements.Bird Bird Bird Egg, bird Fire Phoenix, fire Phoenix Ash Phoenix.Repeat this step machine again to create 2 Wood total.How do you make void?There is no timer or doodle anything to make you rush, so you can play and enjoy it at your own pace.Beast Darkness Demon, darkness Energy Death, death Healing coffee Resurrection.Doodle God Elements Combination List, doodle God Episodes 1,2,3,4, doodle God Quests.Astral Spell Teleport, astral Death Illithid, astral Metal Silver.How many elements do u need to get magic?Air Lava Stone, sand Swamp Clay, life Water Weeds.Ending 3 Human Island Beach and Cliffs and Forest Human Forest Bushes and Game and Tree Human Cliffs Cave and Stone Human Tree Leaves and Stick Leaves Stick Shelter The Map whiskey to buried treasure will ikea be automatically added to your elements once you create the.Extraneous Elements Human Sea Water Sun Water Salt Oysters and Palm Tree and Sand Beach Human.