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How to make strikethrough text

Xml as strike through as, string text name"strike_line" strike This line is strike Note.
p Style Sheet text p text-decoration: line-through; If you use the above rule in a style sheet, and deploy that maak style sheet in an html maak document (internally or externally any text within the p tag in your text html document will appear vriend with a line through.
Cascading Style Sheets are used make to define the way webpages look.
Using the Span Element Style Sheet One way to do this is by using the span element to add a border on your text, and manipulate its position so that it appears the same way a strikethrough line does when make you use the text-decoration property.Unlike the html s tag, this strikethrough text will work when you copy paste it in to another location.Use the radio buttons to toggle which font style you want to write with.Kind of irritating, right?With this, you can use the underline, overline, text or line-through values to enhance your text.Click on StrikeEm strikethrough button.

Write whatever you want in the text box below and we will transform all unicode characters into the font you've selected.
On hamlappen Twitter, for example, Tilde and Slash both work perfectly, whereas Strikethrough may look more like it's underlining your text.
You make can do this in three ways, by either euro text setting foreground in TextView, or setting PaintFlag or declaring string as in strings.
In your html maak document, input: html body instagram hr maak / This text will appear with a diagonal line text through.
The result: Or, for an even verf more interesting strikethrough line, you can change the solid value to dashed.Inline p text will appear with a line across it!How to Add CSS to Your Webpage.Copy the strikethrough text.One method involves horizontal rules, or the hr tag.Sparkles and, borders to make unique and fun user handles seconden and message posts.To learn strikethrough more about different CSS properties and values, check out this advanced CSS training course.

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Your CSS for the span selector should make look like this: span position: absolute; width: 100; border-top: 3px dashed red; left: 0; top: 50; And your end result should look like this: The text in the p tag has been changed, of course.