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Make a top hat

Fix it in place with tape or make glue.
You will need to cut out maak two round circles of equal proportions.
Circle template (cup or apple bowl watch it on YouTube: Instructions: I bought these cups at Michaels.
I hate it when I'm tracing something and I get half way around before I realize I've moved it slightly and now it's completely off, so I used some tape to help keep myself accurate.
I was worried I wouldn't have enough make for the hat and I ended up with enough for another project.Tom Banwell: Leather Hat Tutorial, this make one has two different patterns that you make could potentially use.Craft felt is one of the most popular options you can benzine use.After you've flipped it right side out try to form it to how you want it to look because once it dries it will retain the shape you left.I used these little daubers but you can use a sponge or a rag or whatever you have lying around that you don't care about completely ruining.If you do not like make the look of a single layer, however, you can double this part of the hat up, as well, by voor adding make a second piece of equal dimensions.Just like with the top, I stitched around it twice.

You can also make several and use them as party favors rode for a diabolique birthday party.
This time it prullenbak room doesn't have to be completely submerged, just as long as the entire brim is under water.
Veg-Tan has a smooth side and a rough side. .
Once it's all nice gist and floppy carefully turn it rode inside maak out.
You can leave the top hat plain and wear it as is, or you diabolique can add decorative elements to it to personalize it or make it usable for a costume.The three parts of the pattern are the Crown, the Brim, and the Top.While it was diabolique soaking I made a box to hold it in the right shape while it dried. .If you cannot find these materials in the color you want, you can paint or dye them that color.Then I tried to combine aspects that I wanted into pizzadeeg one super pattern!Here's my Handy Dandy Homemade Compass: So the final pieces are 1 Crown, 1 Top, and 2 Brims.

I basically just went all the way around the brim pressing firmly on either side make and holding for a little bit until I felt it was secure.
They are really simple to make and you only need a few supplies.